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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Make the Time Right by your Business idea

If you are waiting for right time to launch your product, the right time will never come. Start today. In business you need to create an opportunity by your idea and passion.  Make the product first, which is something useful.

Be Keen Observant:  

Always observe the events goings-on around you at local level as well as global level. For example, some time before Indian government announced demonetization. Due to demonetization people had gone through lots of problems. At that time some companies promoted their products like online Payment apps, mobile payment devices, digital wallets etc. We can say these companies grab the attention of customers.

Market Research and Analysis

By doing market study you come to know who are potential customers. This will reduce business risk and you get the clear picture of market condition.

Know your competitors: 

If you are going to launch your product in market, then you should aware of your competitors, their business strategies.  And the important thing is you should have competitive advantage over your competitors.

Be Technosavy

Pay attention towards new trends and technologies. It gives you lots of new opportunities and information. Technology is an important part of modern business. So you definitely get benefit from it. Entrepreneurs are an important part of every economy. And the above tips will be helpful to you.
Innovation and Businessor Companies are all evolving entities. An innovation whenever comes out, it is of smaller specification in terms both qualitative or quantitative approach and similar is a Business or Company, whenever gets incorporated it is having a smaller scope as compared to its rival maybe a year older than it. Hence, both an innovation and small company are mutually viable for each other's testing and implementation proforma on grounds of better and swift output or result. 

Big companies or Corporate housesare always having watertight compartments of professionals binded by various protocols, rules and regulationsand as these rules are administering forces over a large number of employeeshence, it is very tiresome and hectic to bring about a sudden change just for the sake of implementation of new innovation, be it a good or product or any idea or service. On the other hand, the ruleset or book of protocolsof smaller companies are very brief and flexible and are having scopes of getting altered anytime for sake of increase in output of the firm by implementationof innovative ideas atany point of time.

Many small companies or basically Startupfirms start their operations based on some creative ideology since its inception whereas large companies or already settled companies keeps on operating over their traditional and origination values hovering over list of preoccupied clients which reduces the probability or chances of exercising new or innovative ideas at any point of time. 

Morever, the latest amendments in the finance sector which very conveniently permits business Startup loan to entrepreneurswith nice CIBIL Score or asset value; or benefits given to inventors and innovatorsin form of national and international contests or grants provided to Patent holders are enabling them to create their own brand, unlike the previous practice of transfer of patent rights to big companies adhering to the laws and regulations of Indian Intellectual Property Rights.

It is not any governing law or mandatoryclause that small companies have the Innovation Advantage, yet the ongoing trendcertainly improvising this concept, hence optimising the chances of nation to avail benefits of some new and innovative perception, might be having a modern and revolutionary perspective.
In this competitive era, finding a job which suits your aptitude and educational qualifications is a tough task.  Whether you are in the beginning of your career or are in the mid career and want to take up senior jobs or want to switch your career, you definitely require some assistance so that you can find the perfect job.  Even if you are an entrepreneur, you still need job search engines who can help you to find people looking for a job and are also suitable for your firm.

It is rightly considered that searching qualified and experienced people for your firm definitely require the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo, social networking sites like LinkedIn, etc. or you can look for a search advisors who helps in various ways to find suitable people for your industry.

LinkedIn is one resourceful place for all the job seekers looking for a job in or any industry. Here you can send your resumes to almost every industry. Right now more than 460 million people have shared their profile on LinkedIn for job seek. This social network is basically a mine for all the entrepreneurs looking for experienced staff in their organization.

Below are some “LinkedIn tips for connecting like a Boss”

Find different ways of opportunities: 

LinkedIn is one search engine that gives you an actual time data on your vision. It tells you that when that person has posted, what was the  time span of their last job, their birthday, last promotion and much more. i.e of the person has just posted the details 10 minutes before, you know that he/she will be available on computer or phone. So this is the window of opportunities for the entrepreneurs looking for the perfect time and the right opportunity.

You can export your LinkedIn connections through email: 

if you have been using LinkedIn for past many years, you probably have ample of connections with the people you don’t even know. This can create a confusion or can be an opportunity also. By exporting the connection to your email you can connect with them personally through email outside the LinkedIn.

Customize your profile updates by turning it off:  

You can stop your eventual customers with useless updates specifically when you are trying to sell something to them. Relatively, you would like to see the updates from your brand name to be highly curated. Just filling the information about your high school and job will not get enough of connections. So it is always a good idea to be cautious about what you update on your profile.

Keep your content catchy: 

LinkedIn is one place who gives more than 80% of business to all the industries. In fact, all other sources give only 19% of leads. This social network can be a powerful asset for the entrepreneurs to target the audience. Put up a catchy headline to attract the viewers visiting your profile.

An entrepreneur, unlike an ordinary business person, is that one who has accepted to tread the untraded dangerous paths trying to find that one thing in life that will change their life and business for eternity. When a business has come to a seemingly dead end, there you get an entrepreneur excited about the new opportunities and many solutions toward their success.

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business and is willing to take risks and losses thereof. They are not afraid to fail; in fact, this is a way of life toward reaching their goal. They are leaders who don’t just watch it happen; they make it happen. 

Naveen Jain; Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, says;

“A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution is a visionary, and the person who goes out and does something is an entrepreneur.”

5 Things that make Entrepreneurs Survive Tough Times

1.They stay motivated and believe that with a strong foundation and a reliable source of income, the business can stand even the tempestuous moments. That is why they are always engaged in building strong revenue channels. They are continually simulating their businesses in a variety of business environments, and besides brainstorming on new methods, the company can bring more profits. Therefore during those rough times, they are motivated and optimistic because they have the necessary energy to keep them pushing.

2.These guys have mustered those who derail them from achieving their goals. Their primary focus is the clients who will pay them for goods and services rendered. They give them the best experience and therefore when the business is offseason, these are the customers who will stand with you. That keeps the entrepreneur going.

3.“Remember why you are doing what you do” is a phrase that continually rings in the entrepreneur’s mind whenever they are faced with difficulties in business. They have a purpose and cause to fight for; they see a lot of future for their business and have already seen success even in difficulties. That is why they are ready to go through the painful moments victoriously –it’s for a cause anyway. 

4.These men and women have ‘Faith.' Things can go south, and they often do for any business, and this can sometimes be very discouraging. No one wants to run a business which is not profitable with your members of staff not really up to the game and clients are not turning up as per your expectation. But an entrepreneur has one thing that keeps them strong, that there is a better tomorrow, even if things are not working, a voice inside them keeps reminding them that things are just falling into place and sooner than later, it’s going to be brighter. Whatever you are going through is just for a season and the sleepless moments will pay off. Faith keeps your fire burning eve in the darkest moments.

5.Entrepreneurs know what they want and have had it on paper that which they want to accomplish. It is in black and white, and every morning, they take time and meditate on it. When it gets tough, they get back and remind themselves of their dream. That keeps them motivated and knowing that the current situation cannot be compared to the more significant picture they have for the business and therefore intelligently go through it. They keep going back to that statement of purpose every time and thus have no time to worry or be anxious.


In summary, entrepreneurs share this vital tip; they have a big picture of their business. When the delicate moments come, they are not distracted. These guys are consistent in what they do, even during low season–they have a list of the things they do on a daily basis. Their vision and consistency are what defines their success.

Patrick MuasyaMasika
Kenya, Africa
Freelance Content Writer

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Everything in this world now works according to the whims and fancies of social media. Statistics say that almost 40 percent of people tend to make purchases online after seeing the same items being used and promoted by a blogger/ an influencer on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

Influencer marketing content is seen to deliver 11 times higher rate of investment than the traditional forms of social media marketing. For the newbie entrepreneurs who are just stepping into the world of thought leadership, must bear in mind these five tips to turn their business into a sensation! 
Nowadays, digital marketing is used by almost all business for its marketing purpose. The reason for this is it is an effective tool for marketing a product or brand. Similarly, it facilitates the business to reach the target audience easily. However, even though some brands make use of digital marketing for their business they don’t reach their target audience. The reason is they don’t avoid some mistakes in using digital marketing. Therefore, any brand while using digital marketing for business should be aware of common mistakes. 
B2B marketing strategies and sales cycles can be awkward and confusing at the same time. As opposed to classic B2C and eCommerce campaigns, individualizing your brand in the B2B space takes patience. The B2B customer's voyage is a long and twisting street. First, let us take into account the factors that would increase the probability to convince you and your B2B customer to take interest in your business. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

There are 8 simple steps to Put in the YouTube as given below:

1. Name Your channel: 

Firstly, select a name as near your blog website name/identify as would be prudent. 

2.Create a Channel Art : 

Stay consistent to make a channel art.Choose pictures that recognize, elevate and connect back to your site. 

3.Embed Social Media links:

Select 2-3 connects to drive viewers to your marked site. 

4.Introduction for video: 

Introduce your Channel to Non-Subscribers for that make short 60sec or less video. 

5 Channel Description: 

Write a short useful depiction of your channel. 

6.Make Playlist: 

Categories your recordings into divisions(example Reviews, Vlogs, and so on) 

7.Content Creation: 

Pay attention to lightning, sound, foundation and camera situation. 

8.Sharing and Promote: 

Share and Publish the news each time you stack another recordings. 

9. YouTube on your site: 

Create a Sidebar gadget to demonstrate your present recordings.

Monday, September 11, 2017

A payroll is an organization's rundown of its workers, however, the term is usually used to allude to the aggregate sum of cash that an organization pays to its representatives. An organization's records of its representatives' compensations and compensation, rewards, and withheld charges. The organization's area of expertise that figures and pays these.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

After years of hard work, you built a reputable business with diligent employees. You have probably realized that business can only thrive when they are efficient with their resources such as human capital, time, and money.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

We have discussed many reasons why a business should outsource its payroll preparation to an external firm. However, one important question that must be asked is: how does a business choose an external firm to prepare its payroll with the aim to maximized all the benefit of outsourcing payroll?

What are the factors to be considered to maximize the benefits of a payroll service?

1. A payroll service must have a good reputation.

For any financial service, a good reputation is very important. Is the firm a new firm in payroll service? Is your business the first to be taken on by the firm for payroll services? If it has taken on other companies, you need to know which companies it had offered payroll service to. The firm which has consistently offered payroll services to bigger businesses than yours will have no problem in preparing a payroll for your business.

2. What is the cost of the firm’s payroll service?

For a business owner or business manager, the cost of outsourcing payroll must be justified in the increased efficiency of the business. Will the cost of outsourcing payroll be cheaper for the business in the short term? And most importantly, will it be cheaper in the long term than preparing the payroll internally?

A payroll service must be chosen carefully so that it is cost effective for the business using it.

3. A payroll service must have a strong and attentive customer care.

A business would do well to choose a payroll service that encourages adequate feed backs to her clients. This is important as the business can build a strong relationship with the payroll service through a strong line of communication between a two parties.

There are new improvements everyday and many practices that use to be sacrosanct in business have been analyzed over the years. Some of these practices have been found to drag businesses backwards. One of these practices is internal preparation of payroll.

Outsourcing payroll has been found to reduce human cost, save time, and to reduce the operating cost of a business. Most importantly, it ensures employees are paid effectively making for a happy work force. Good for business right? 

Friday, September 8, 2017

1.It Makes your Life Easier.

When you outsource payroll to an external company, it makes your life easier as a business owner. The business does not have to worry about any resultant problems from mistakes on her payroll.

A business that outsources payroll is able to concentrate on the important aspects of running the business. Most importantly, the staff preparing the payroll is able to focus on other important works in the business.

2.It Reduces Errors

Most of the companies that take care of outsourcing payroll are experts at all the details involved in preparing a payroll. They have tax experts who will avoid any mistake in the tax report of each staff. A company that outsources payroll will also make sure that all the overtime payments are made for each staff.

3.Financial Information is Safer

When you outsource your payroll, there is no selfish interest from your staff to siphon funds from the business. The financial information of the business and the staff are safer because firms who prepares payroll have better secured servers which keep important information of the business safe. Information in the wrong hands can be a big problem to a business but outsourcing payroll will reduce the risk of important information getting out.

4.Payment of Salaries Becomes Easier

Outsourcing payroll can make payment of salaries to staff easier as firm in charge of payroll can make direct deposit to the bank accounts of staffs. This is much safer for staff especially in establishments that pay salaries to their staff in cash. Carrying cash around makes people susceptible to robbery.

5. Preparation of Payroll Becomes Cheaper

Outsourcing payroll makes preparation of payroll cheaper in many ways. Staff, or staffs in some cases, of the business are no more involved in preparation of payroll which successfully saves human costs. The efforts of the staffs can be directed into other works in the business.

It also saves precious time of company employees and time they say, is money. Times saved on preparation of payroll can be used to meet other imminent neat of the business. Outsourcing payroll also saves cost that will be incurred in the purchase of accounting software. It also saves costs of intensive training that must be done for a staff if the payroll was to be prepared internally.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016